Small fixes update! 10/05/2022


  • Fixed an issue that causes the Load Game button unable to load in properly during the intro animation.

These are all just minor changes. If you've already played through the previous build there's no essential content added in this patch. If you experience some issues or any other bugs, please give me a heads up and I'll look into it.


Spirit: Summoners of Áine-Chlair-0.2.2-APK 178 MB
May 09, 2022
Spirit: Summoners of Áine-Chlair-0.2.2-MAC 161 MB
May 09, 2022
Spirit: Summoners of Áine-Chlair-0.2.2-PC 195 MB
May 09, 2022

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Thanks for the update!  Also, just as a suggestion, perhaps consider making the characters dialogue boxes different colors.  Currently they are all red, which works, but having them unique might be nice.

Hmm, that's a great idea.