A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

(THE BEAST contains scenes of torturing, explicit violence and gore - you must be 18 or older to play)

THE BEAST is a role-playing horror furry visual novel about a world filled by terrifying monsters named "The Corrupted", a demonic species that hungers for human flesh and blood. A company of Alchemia Corp, hired a special team called "BEAST Hunters" to hunt down and eliminate them. It was at this moment, Eric, a teenage boy who lives a smooth life without going out in a clean house, gradually learned that he is not a human...

I'm GhostieSpectie, the one and only creator of THE BEAST (Visual Novel). If you have any questions to ask, leave a comment below. If you're interested in my work, feel free to follow me on the following on  Twitter and Furaffinity.

Writer / Artist / Programmer: GhostieSpectie
Proofreader: KoptenOwl

How much is completed? 

 So far what's playable are Chapter 1 to Chapter 11. THE BEAST is a work in progress and I plan to deliver at the very least monthly updates to add the rest of the planned content into the game and weekly dev blog post as well so you can see what I've worked on that week.

How do I update my game after a new update releases?

Simply delete the old "THE BEAST (Visual Novel)" game folder and download the new one. Your saves are stored in your local files, so they should be retained after the update.

Survey has been updated in accordance with the new build, so make sure to fill it out if you have time.

Updated 7 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
GenreVisual Novel, Role Playing
Made withRen'Py
TagsFurry, Gay, Gore, Hand-drawn, Horror, LGBT, supernatural, Yaoi
Average sessionAbout an hour


THE_BEAST-1.71-pc.zip 279 MB
THE_BEAST-1.71-linux.tar.bz2 247 MB
THE_BEAST-1.71-mac.zip 241 MB

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please tell me when updates happen so will my saves be kept cause i loved this game so much <


Yo guys! Who watch "Kamen Rider Amazons" here? Well...you see I saw some similarly on it. (I don't like to compare things, but I just want to clarify it.) Well, like I say, I saw some similarly on it, and this is what I saw:

  1. The Exterminators
  2. Monsters(Amazons/Beast/Corrupted)
  3. Strict Mother
  4. Protagonist that can't leave the house, because he's illness
  5. The main character had sister

Well that's all I can say, like I said before I don't like to compare things.

Anyway no offense, I just want to say wants on my mind.


When's the next update?

Is it in January?

(1 edit)

I'm sorry. Due to my personal circumstances, I'm taking a break until the end of January. Don't worry, I'm still working on it.


Is there any possibility that this VN have android version?


Unfortunately, THE BEAST has no android version...yet. However, you can emulate THE BEAST on phone by using JoiPlay with Ren' Py Plugin. You can download it on Play Store.

(1 edit)

thank you! And how can extract/emulate the file?

(1 edit) (+2)

Here's the tutorial: https://joiplay.cyou/help.html

You may also need to download RAR app in order to open the zip files


This be a fun vn so far, despit one of the battles giving one hell of a job to complete lol


(1 edit)

I'm sorry, but THE BEAST is not a WATTPAD Story, and I don't know anything about WATTPad. 

It's okay...I'll give it a shot though...looks great! :)

(1 edit) (+1)

So I just started this game and I'll update as I go but Blu's sword in the first chapter has some resemblance to red queen from DMC4 and I love it

First update: I'm in like 8 or 9 chapters in and I was right, it was totally inspired by Nero's Red Queen, from the name, to its attacks(Helm breaker and stinger are especially popular from Dante but Streak actually does come from Nero himself). So crack theory: Eric will get a weapon, or a type of magic, that symbolizes him as a human, like Blue rose was for Nero(He's the only one who can wield Red queen because of his demonic heritage, but anyone could wield blue rose if they know how bad its recoil was) 



 I just ended playing and I want moooooore <3333 The game is awesome, characters are well-written. I have a question tho. I can't stop thinking about feelings between Blu and Eric. How will be the relationship developing between them? (Will there be like romance route between them? Idk how it would be possible because of sharing the same body but I can't stop thinking that way about them). You did a great good <3 Keep up the good work ^^

Sorry about my english :D


Thank you, I'm glad you enjoy it~ 

How will be the relationship developing between Blu and Eric? Hmm...erm...erm...

Everytime i try to download the game/unzip the files it says there's a virus. when i try to start the game afterwards, it loads for a bit then nothing happens. can i do something about this and if yes, what can i do?

Do you currently have an anti-virus on? It usually affects the 32-bit version, but if it's effecting the main game (as it kinda did with me) your gonna have to allow it.

I can't start the game, i try to open the game but he loads for a little and then he stops, what can i do about this?

Did you replace the old game files with the new one, instead of deleting it? If you do, you need to delete the older THE BEAST files in order to download the new one.

If it doesn't fixed the issue, let me know if it shows any error code to you.

I always download a new game and delete the old one for each new update, but this time for strange reasons, i can't start the game, he just doesn't open, he loads for some second and he stops. I will try to download in another computer to see if works

please can someone help me with this?

I'm playing with joiplay on Android, and apparently, every time the background music changes it appears

(1 edit) (+2)

Apparently one of the background music is missing in your game file. Try download a new game file to see if that fixed the issues.

Thaaaanks, it worked :D

the game is good bro
until I played 3 times and made me cry



That looks amazing~ I love it~ <3


Surprisingly good. Spent all night reading it. That's how good it was. Can't wait for more. Though I'm honestly gonna just wait a bit for a bunch of updates to come out. I just think it's more exciting that way. Toodles~!


I have a list of things I am going to mention.

  1. The BEAST Hunters all gave me Resident Evil vibes
    1. It is hard to put what RE protagonist to the BEAST Hunters, but Zarina is the chick without meaning to be
  2. Blu has Devil May Cry vibes in thanks to his skills
    1. Not helped by his skills having the same name as the moves from DMC
  3. Ryu's attacks reminded me of Roy Mustang, add water and get no fire
  4. I can see why Eve got mistaken for a man.
      1. Does she even look feminine here?
  5. This Earth shows what happens when minor details (Alchemy) and certain questions (Why are they not hurt worst when they are normal humans battling monsters?) are MADE important.

I only have one problem. You repeated a line twice in seperate dialog boxes that Blu put on his shirt twice.

Thanks for surpassing what I thought a visual novel should be.


The other characters also seem to remind me of:
Viola - Nero Chaos, Melty Blood
Jacob - nameless, KOF
Louis - Junpei, Persona 3
Daniella - Mitsuru's father, Persona 3

do you plan on making an Android version in the future?  


I may do Android/APK version in the future, but right now I'm focusing on Windows, Linux and macOS version.


Use The JoiPlay With Ren,Py Plugin And U Can Play In Android (Have In The Play Store)

woooww, thank youuu~~~

(1 edit) (+2)

Ok, I came into this VN with lukewarm expectations, but it honestly blew me away and got me hooked. It has a different but honestly refreshing experience that I've yet to come across from a VN and has left me wanting for more! Keep up the good work!

(1 edit) (+1)

Blu, and maybe Eric, are Devil May Cry nerds!!! His (Their) skills are attacks combo finishers and input command attacks!!

Blu's skill menu is glitching to on despite the energy being depleted to use the command causing the enemies to attack us.


i downloaded the 1.64 version but it is not starting up no matter how many time i click on it.

(2 edits)

You need to delete the older THE BEAST files in order to download the new one.

If the problem still didn't fixed, let me know if it shows any error code to you.

i deleted the old one and the 1.64 version and downloaded it agen still don't want to start the game no matter how long i wait.

(1 edit)

What version you downloaded (PC, Linux or Mac)?

Me, too. And I use the PC version . I'm happy to download version 1.65 today, but I still can't open it no matter how many time I click on it.

Have you extracted all of THE BEAST's game files from Winwar before you start the game? If not, then you have to made a new game folder and extract all of THE BEAST's files into it.



I LOVE the amount of depth and care all the characters get. The side characters all have lives and struggles of their own, and you can see them change and grow over the course of the story.

I also quite enjoy the combat as well, but I wish there was a way to check character skills and passives because I tend to forget the passives often ^^;

Looking forward to learn what comes next!


Omg I ignored this game for a while because it looked well lowtech basically.....omg I was an absolute idiot...this game is a master piece! Its dark and violent and yet sweet and just makes me love eric and blu and ryu so much.......its sooo deep I can't get enough I can't get this out of my mind.....


I feel you my dude. It was the same for me, now I'm addicted to this :v


I really like this game, despite not liking its art at first (though I quickly warmed up to it). I really like the story and I found myself engrossed in it. And I really like your choice of music. At times I just had to stop and listen to the music (and sometimes even jam out to it).

The end (the feelings coupled with the music) had me crying.

Also I really like the dynamic between Ryu and Blu. And also I totally ship Jacob and Louis.


Hard yes on Jacob and Louis there

how do u run it on linux


Do you know if you will make a android version of this?


I may do Android/APK version in the future, but right now I'm focusing on Windows, Linux and macOS version.


thank you


No need to focus for android joiplay got u covered.


Just use joiplay

(1 edit)

thank you so much 

Whate joiplay and where can I get it


Think of it as an emulator but for vn. Download at playstore.

I tried using the emulator for the windows version but it says incompatible 

its for android only.

Deleted post

WOW i just read though it all in 2 days now and i really liked it! I know it said it contained gore but i got pretty surprised at first when the gore happend but its cool as it is :D

The art is really something else too, i dont know any other visual novel with HAND drawn art, its something you have to get used to but i learned to love it now! I also really liked the character development and plots and im looking forward for the next update! ^^

I do have one suggestion to improve the feeling a little... when you die in a battle, would it be possible to get set back to like the beginning of the fight and not the main menu? I mean its not the end of the world you can (and probably should) just save before every major enemy encounter buuuuut it really set me back because at first i was playing this game a long time at once and didn't feel like i needed to save cause i wasn't going to quit any time soon but then i died and had to skip though all of it and do like 3 or 4 fight again ^^"

Its really just for comfort but what can i say, otherwise it was great! Keep it up ^^ 


One question remains for me though ^^"

Are there any nsfw events planned? (Just curious because the bonding between eric and blu is getting real tight ^^") I wouldn't mind but i can understand if you wann keep it "sfw" ish... i mean... the other kind of nsfw with the gore stuff ^^

Well, that's it for me, cya till the next update~

(1 edit) (+3)

Mmmm... Sexual Content... Possibly?

Blu's face gave it away...


Who knows what possible in the soul room XD

oh god


*Fantasizes Blu and Eric L O V E scene in the soul room* 

(1 edit) (+1)

I have a question: Does this VN have romanceable/dateable characters? (Male characters I mean) Is it possible to romance/date the white tiger?


THE BEAST is a linear VN, so nope... :/




i hope you continu this plese cuntinu


I will~



I'm speachless... in a good way of course.  All there is to say is that I love it and want more lol

Keep up the good work, stay safe <3

Thank you~


i wanted to ask if i may help out in translations for Spanish version texts? 


so i made my way from chapter 4 to 9 and to the "to be continued' sections and  it was a blast seeing how the MC and blue evolved and how character development has grown for the characters and how will Blu resolve after he evolved into his Chosen state!! it was great and i hope to more updates!!!

honestly it made the characters more alive and i like how you involved a tough adult theme of victims for your demons it was strong and i like it how it was used for Eric and Blue and i hope they perservere the next challenges.

now other than that i fell inclined for Blue and Ryu to see their story resolutions cause they are my favorite characters, and good boys!!


okay so i have some thoughts after making may way to the first 4 chapters of the game, the parts where i am at was the revealing truth of the Chief Daniella how she was the major cause of her betrayal and dishonesty and destruction of her society, and OMG it was really good! and i want to share some thoughts on how you can improve your game and I REALLY LOVE THIS Visual Novel and i normally do not view horror content genres but your works has a place in my collection of  Visual Novels.

i love the flow of the pacing where i can just space bar my way through the story and the story's pacing of exposition and character development was put really well, and i hope to learn about Jake and how he was part if the team of Jacob, louis and Zara and the boss.

but my a few issues is the art pieces, i was hoping are you going to transform into digital art at some point but i like how they are drafts and i hope to see more improved content, also animations of attacks and monsters and the design choices for the story locations as well for their background designs, but they do serve their purposes well.

 also i really enjoyed the world building and lore and the fourth wall breaking from the first scenes of the game, and i like the anime aesthetic, 
and i like how you have a PERSONA with Furry dogs as a FURSONA its funny and i like the references of transforming like from a game of Bloody Fury from GameCube games, characters from humans transform into their BEAST forms to fight against their opponents.

so far you have my vote as 5/10, you have a strong story, strong story development and it also goes with your character development, i like the immersion of the battles scenes, and I ACTUALLY cared about your characters and may god i felt really bad for Jacob after the Thunderbird battle boss rounds, and i felt bad about Daniella and i really hope she gets a redemption arc for her story cause she really needs her resolution after what she has done, and also keep your story pacing and do not rush it it is balanced enough and i like it a lot!!!

this part is where i found a few problems and suggestions to improve your visual novel: 

PART !:  of the organization side of your game project folders for example, in your 'images' folder, you have all your art assets all over the place, it would help your game be more organized in where your images are located in their own respective folders.
Make more folders in your 'images' folder based on characters' names, 'backgrounds', 'illustrations', 'locations', 'special effects', or 'attack animations screens', and 'monsters' and that way if you improve this part of your images folder, it will look more professional and more organized.

Okay the art issues is that they deserve a revised versions in digital art, keep your art consistent which is there from the drawings i have seen in the game, and keep your game fonts as well, 
The music is good keep it i like the ambience and it works well and fits in well in the game.
The sound Effects/ FX are bit troubling, i notice the main menu, and UI Screens have 2 mouse click interaction sounds that are referenced from 'Kingdom Hearts' games and i recommend that your replace them, though the sounds fit in the game, it is part of a copyrighted issues that you may experience unless you have licenses for those sounds then you are good, but i think a better replacement is in need for that and its okay if you need sounds for clicking interactions.

part 3 technical issues, can you add a 'back' option to rewind the story at any time, i think this helps in case users failed to see the texts after using the left click or space bar too many times to progress the next text dialogues that the user may have missed a text.

all issues are from Build THE BEAST 1.58 build!!

(2 edits)

Thank you for playing, I'm glad you like it~

Part 1: Oof, I DO agree that the entire art files were all over the place. I will try to make it look more organized.

Part 2: I get used to hand draw. I did plan on drawing on computer... But I keep messing things up on computer, so I gave up.

Part 3: The reason why I didn't add "back" option is because some people will abuse it so that they can recover their mistakes during the battle.


Thank you GhostieSpectie,

I didnt think for part 3 of the 'back' option would make the game easier for users, but i am satisfied that you have a history option cause i would press the space bar often, and i did not  think users could abusethat option so that is good insight, i usually want all characters to stay alive cause omg these are characters i learned to like 0ver time!!

for part 2, i understand art creation from computer can be complicated and i want to ask if you allow other volunteers to help you in your character art assets? i want to pinch in but i lack drawing skills on computer myself mostly cause i learn to game develop by programming in unity and unreal game engines for college courses for basic gameplay. May your audience try to replicate your character art work?

I'm sorry, I put a lot of effort on the arts, and a lot of my audience likes it... But I appreciate your help.


Hi, recently  installed the last update (1,55), i deleted the older version and uncompressed the new one, and when i tried to open i got a text doc saying: 

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.
After loading the script.
UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf8' codec can't decode byte 0xf3 in position 10: invalid continuation byte -- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------ Full traceback:
  File "renpy/bootstrap.py", line 326, in bootstrap
  File "renpy/main.py", line 452, in main
    game.persistent = renpy.persistent.init()
  File "renpy/persistent.py", line 223, in init
    filename = os.path.join(renpy.config.savedir, "persistent.new")
  File "/home/tom/ab/nightly-build/tmp/install.linux-x86_64/lib/python2.7/ntpath.py", line 85, in join
UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf8' codec can't decode byte 0xf3 in position 10: invalid continuation byte

I restored the version 1,44 and it's working but with the new one i can't open the game uwu.
There are one solution for that?

(1 edit)

Are you using the older save file instead of starting a new game? If that's true, that could be the reason why because the coding has been changed, so using older save files will only causes problem! You have to start a new game!

(2 edits) (+2)

Noticed quite a few grammar issues in Prologue and Ch 1 so far I wanted to alert you to, mainly involving keeping your verb tenses consistent. For the sake of this, I'm assuming you want the protagonist to tell the story in present tense.

  • You accidentally spoil Blu's name once while you have it "???" for the rest of the intro.
  •  "I'm trying to fish for my cap"
    • "try"
  • "I stretches my hands under my bed"
    • stretch
  • "I heard you screamed
  • scream
  • "But seriously, what kind of sickness i have, actually"

    • I might replace this with "I don't know what kind of sickness I actually have."
  • "She often gave me those weird medicines"
    • these
  • "It taste...awful..."
  • tastes

    • "same weird dream whenever I took the medicines"
      • take
    • "On the dining table , is a plate of pancakes"

      • Remove the comma
    • "Staying inside the house, couldn't even leave"
      • can't
    • I take one medicine out of the medicine case, and was about to drink it
      • If you're trying to stay in present tense, I would replace it with "go to drink it"
    •  "I hopped onto my bed and immediately falls asleep" 
      • hop  ;  fall 
    • "I'm... so painful"

      • I would say either "I'm... in so much pain" or "It's so... painful"
    • "He drink those medicines too?"
      •  drinks

    First Blood:

    •  "Hello, there. What can I help you?
      • Remove the comma; How can I
    • "the customer ran to check his wife"

      • runs ; check on
    • "As curious, the clerk walks out from her restaurant to see what happen..."
      • The beginning of the sentence needs a little work. You could say "Becoming curious, the clerk..."
      • what's happening or happened could both be appropriate here
    • "She was flabbergasted"
      • Assuming you want this section to be in present tense, is
    • "In front of her is a giant purple..."
      • Remove the two commas in this sentence
    • "It was devouring"
      • It devours
    • "The creature soon stared at the clerk"

      • turns to stare fits better here
    • "The creature slowly approach to the clerk"

      • approaches, get rid of "to"
    • "The clerk attempts to run but tripped"
      • trips
    • "The creature opens its huge mouth and was about to swallow"

      • goes to swallow
    • "a bullet struck the creature"

      • strikes
    • "Convince the hunt"
      • Commence the hunt!
    • Louis and Jacob pursued the creature and cornered it...

      • pursue the creature, cornering it
    • "So we wouldn't let you get away!"

      • won't"

    In the battle tutorial

    • "Once their HP dropped to 0"
      • "is reduced"
    • "The HP of certain characters will gets higher"

      • "get"
    • "which either deal damage, healing, or increase the Energy"
      • to keep tense consistent, use "heal" or "heal a party member"
    • "Damage of certain characters will gets"

      • "get"


    • "Still love his Zinger Crunch and short as usual"
      • I would flip the "short as usual" to the front of the sentence; loves 
    • David hangs up the call
      • "hung"
    • "he will immediately shows up and help them"

      • show
    • Just as a sidenote, you may want to consider eliminating the honorifics (e.g. niichan) from your dialogue. At least to me, they pull me out of the narrative and taint the tone a bit.
    • "The reason how they turn into The Corrupted"
      • "why"

    Eric and Fiona

    • "It just like trapping inside a bird cage"
      • "It's" ; "being trapped"
    • "But mom wouldn't  let me"

      • won't 
    • "Fiona slowly walk back"

      • "walks"
    • "Eric, how many time I've told you..."

      • "have I"
    • "Have you take one in the morning"

      • "Did you take one this morning?"
    • "You still haven't sleep?"
      • Would either say "You're still not asleep?" or "You still haven't fallen asleep" or "You still aren't asleep?"

    -------I'm cutting off my edits here as I have stuff to do today----

    You may want to invest in time editing  and also find an editor for the rest of the script. Let me know if you would like more help with editing, we can talk on discord or something.


    I cringed so hard when I read your list of my grammar issues! Holy hell, I didn't realized I've made so many mistakes. Also with all jokes aside thanks a lot for letting me know <3


    i just installed the update and a few minnies into ch 1 my game closes it self

    Did you replace the old game folder with the new one instead of deleting it? If you do, you have to delete the entire game folder, right before you download the new one.

    i deleted it 

    i did that and my game is still claseing its self

    (2 edits)

    Could you tell me how it closes itself? Does it goes into black screen or simply kicks you out the game? If it goes into black screen then you have to click in order to continue.


    This is a really promising game and you've put an incredible amount of work here! I've really enjoyed the game so far. 

    Something that i think your project may benefit from here is asset compression. At 857+ MB it's quite a large install, especially for an Android build.

    I'm assuming you've scanned the artwork or taken photos. Directly importing those assets into the game engine will give you a very large install size. 

    If you've got Adobe CC (Lightroom, Photoshop, Bridge or Camera RAW) all support batch image compression that will let you keep the same quality but reduce file size. There are a number of free online tools that can help with this.

    I'm looking forward to seeing where this project goes, keep up the good work! 

    Good luck with your development! :3

    Thank you, I'm glad you enjoy it~

    Also, thank you for the advise~



    I'm very conflicted personally when it comes to this and what I have played so far.

    I REALLY like the ideas for the game, the art is cute too though some of the them look...well, off. Like how one character is literally just straight up a character from The Haunting Ground in a major role. Like hoh. I worry about copyright there hah.

    There's also some weird sounding dialogue here and there, some lines sounding very stilted and non natural. 

    My BIGGEST issue with the game though is it's pacing. It's...PRETTY bad. The game has a lot of interesting ideas but it's just a train speeding off the tracks at this point. Everything happens so fast, nothing has time to settle in or process, characters don't make any good connections.

    Everything is just going way too fast. It kinda feels like a rough draft with just the main plot points discussed and nothing that goes in between. I would really like it if we could of just made everything slow down a LOT. Another issue is you just explain things when we could of shown them. 

    It's hard to really describe what I'm saying or thinking. I like the ideas a lot but it's somehow going so fast everything feels stale, the characters are kinda non existent thanks to the fast pace...

    I would actually like to discuss this sort of stuff with you on an easier platform and try my best to help and offer advice in anyway I can. Do you perhaps have a Telegram, Discord or even a Twitter? (Though one of the first two is more preferable) 


    Ah, don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to diminish the work you put into this game. I quite like it, I just think it can be quite a lot better if some of it's issues are sorted out. I'm sorry if I came across too mean.

    (2 edits)

    Thank you for stopping by, it means a lot lot! Especially right now, all feedbacks and constrictive criticism are needed. The pacing and dialogues issue I'm fully aware of, I will try my best to make it better, and somewhat slower, understandable. I do have a Discord (Ghostiespectie (THE BEAST VN)#9637) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/ghostiespectie) account. Thanks again for the feedbacks!


    not to be offensive, But I really like how the mc slightly looks like the mc from lagoon lounge haha XD, I'll be giving this game a shot after I've cleared some space on my phone cuz my best friend recommended it to me ^^

    (1 edit) (+1)

    Haha, it's okay! A lot of people thought about the same thing XD

    My apologies that THE BEAST is only available on PC. I may do Android/APK version in the future, but right now I'm focusing on Windows, Linux and macOS version.


    ah no worries, I can wait. After all the things most appreciated are the ones that takes a lot of time and effort to make ^^


    It looks awesome! This game will have a Android version?


    Possible in future, right now I'm focusing on Windows, Linux and maxOS


    Awesome! Keep going with the good work :3


    Great game,I really love the character and the drawing(especially the moment Blu and Ryu together~)

    Thank you, and I'm glad you like it~ :3

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